Colour Consultations – What They Are and Why They’re Important.

Whether you’re going for a big change or just changing hair dressers, you’ll need a consultation. Here’s why: We know it seems a faff, having to come in for 10 minutes, leaving with only a patch of colour on your arm but it’s so important, promise! Here’s what to expect at a consultation: Allergy Test […]

Post Lockdown Transformations!

What a week! If lockdown has had a silver lining in the hair world, it’s this… The transformations! It’s a personal favourite part of the industry for me, seeing such a dramatic change in the person that sat down in your chair to the person that stood up. Now don’t get me wrong, these changes […]

What Is Innoluxe and Why Should I Add It to My Colour Service?

In short, Innoluxe is the answer to all the hopes, dreams and wishes every colour tech has ever had! You may think I’m exaggerating, but let me tell you why I’m not… Every colour service will damage hair. Up until now, this has been an unavoidable fact about hair colour and even more so about […]