Colour Consultations – What They Are and Why They’re Important.

Whether you’re going for a big change or just changing hair dressers, you’ll need a consultation. Here’s why:

We know it seems a faff, having to come in for 10 minutes, leaving with only a patch of colour on your arm but it’s so important, promise! Here’s what to expect at a consultation:

Allergy Test – First and foremost, at your consultation you will have an allergy test. This is to ensure you’re not allergic or sensitive to the brand of hair colour your stylist uses. This is very important to do, even if you’ve coloured your hair before as different brands have different ingredients. I always recommend wearing something dark with easy access to your arm. Unfortunatly may brands don’t allow you to allergy test behind the ear any more. Your stylist will place a small amount of colour on your forearm, you will be able to leave with this on, and was it off after 45 minutes. Keep an eye on the area for 48 hours to check for a reaction.

Strand Test – Your stylist may take a strand test to see how well your hair reacts to bleach/colour. We do this to see how salon products react to what’s already on your hair. A lot of box dyes (home colours) contain metallic salts that have an exothermic reaction and in extreme cases, melting the hair completely. This is one reason hairdressers curse the dreaded box colours!

Existing Treatments – It’s super important we know what exactly has been put onto your hair previously, this can severely affect the results so please please PLEASE be honest! Even if you box coloured your hair once a year ago and it’s faded back to what looks like your natural colour, but there are still chemicals on the ends that we have to address in order to get to your colour.

Goal Colour – We’ll need to discuss what colour you’d like to be – inspo photos are encouraged! In this we’ll dissect the steps needed to get you to your dream hair! Depending on your hair currently and what you’re oping to achieve, you may need several sittings to get to your goal.

I’ve had an allergy test before, why do I need another? – Your allergy tests only last 6 months. If you haven’t been in for a colour in that time, you’ll have to come for another test. This is because we can develop allergies over time, even if you’ve used the product before. You are more likely to have an allergy to a colour if you have had a reaction to a henna product before or more recently, it’s believed that having had Covid-19 can change your response to colour.

We hope that’s cleared up any questions you may have over your consultation. If you have any further questions or concerns, email us for a chat!

Love Violet xx