Post Lockdown Transformations!

What a week! If lockdown has had a silver lining in the hair world, it’s this…

The transformations!

It’s a personal favourite part of the industry for me, seeing such a dramatic change in the person that sat down in your chair to the person that stood up. Now don’t get me wrong, these changes happen in every day hairdressing too, but post lockdown it has been every single client and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

For most of us, we find our style, spend a little time perfecting it, then it’s trims and upkeep appointments here on out. And while that is satisfying -the rapport you build during the appointments, seeing your client happy once their hair is just how they like it, the comfort of knowing exactly what you’ll be doing that day, you cannot beat the excitement of a full transformation! Seeing as lockdown has seen everyone either leaving their cuts and colours grow out or giving DIY home hair a go, every client has been a big change this week and the excitement has been unreal! Here’s just a few:


The fantastic Petite wanted some orange and pink, Tuti Fruity realness, and boy, that’s what we did! Her request was for something bright and fun but minimum root upkeep, so we went for a balayage technique to lighten, then semi permanent orange and pink. To see Petite’s transformation, check out our Instagram Reels! @violetsays_salon


Sandra has been letting her locks grow for a little longer than lockdown, But decided it’s time to go back to what she likes best with this beautiful crop! It’s so exciting to go for a big change and Sandra looks fab!


Big big big change for Isobel this week with this exciting colour correction! I absolutely ADORE the challenge of a big colour change, and with Isobel’s box colour black to blonde, I was not disappointed! Keep your eyes peeled for another blog post on big colour changes, coming soon!

Another MASSIVE thank you to everyone that booked in and made our first week so epic! If you’d like to book in, get clicking that “Book Now” button or email for a chat if you have any questions.

Love Violet xx