What Is Innoluxe and Why Should I Add It to My Colour Service?

In short, Innoluxe is the answer to all the hopes, dreams and wishes every colour tech has ever had! You may think I’m exaggerating, but let me tell you why I’m not…

Every colour service will damage hair. Up until now, this has been an unavoidable fact about hair colour and even more so about bleach. That is why hairdressers will sometimes tell you a colour service isn’t achievable, because we are assessing the condition of your hair and predicting how much more damage will be inflicted on your innocent locks by attempting the service.

Here’s the sciencey bit:

Hair is covered in cuticles. These are essentially little, clear scales that lie flat and protect the hair’s core, where the colour is. All permanent hair colour and bleach uses peroxide to lift the cuticles so the colour can get into the core and do it’s thing. While it’s doing its thing some of the bonds that make your hair strong are inevitably broken. 🙁 When washing off the colour, we tend to use shampoos and conditioners that close the cuticles again, but just like that lid on the chocolate box, it never closes completely once you’ve opened it! Hence colour damage.

Well that’s scary, what can I do about it?

Luckily hair colours have come a long way and the damage they cause is a lot less than the age of Grease’s Beauty School Drop Outs. Salon professional colours are a lot better for your locks than the dreaded Box Dyes as they tend to use higher quality ingredients, coupled with it being applied by a professional that knows what developers, timings and techniques to use and you’re golden! (Or whatever shade you fancy!) Even in salon, us colour techs are still limited to how far we can push your hair, however….

Introducing Innoluxe!

Innoluxe is mixed into your colours and bleach solutions and rebuilds and repairs the broken bonds directly in the hair’s core! This means your hair will be healthier and stronger with your colour service but also that we as stylists can push your colour that little further without fear of extensive damage. Brighter, lighter results from your first sitting!

How does it differ from other bond builders?

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t always used Innoluxe. Pre Innoluxe I used other, inexpensive brands of bond builders to ensure healthier results. It was only when I opened Violet Says and had the freedoms to choose a more “Up Market” brand for myself that I looked into the benefits of Innoluxe and its competitors to see what all the fuss was about. Believe me when I say, I was sceptical! Even the other high end brands did exactly what the brands I was using did, so how could I justify the change? Honestly, I couldn’t. There was no noticeable difference in result from cheaper brands to the pricey one…. until Innoluxe! Not only does Innoluxe work in the core, it also works on the cuticle and let me tell you, that’s where you notice! Like the others, the hair was stronger, kept it’s elasticity, less breakage. Unlike the others, the hair had a wonderful shine to it, colours were lasting longer, hair felt smooth and soft, some found their natural curl returned, blondes were shining like never before and of course, it smells divine! Myself and my customers were totally won over by the noticeable difference. I cannot recommend it enough!

So if you would also like your hair to feel soft, look shiny, be brighter or lighter in one sitting and have longer lasting colour, I would recommend adding it to your colour service. If you already have coloured hair and would like to give it a new lease of life, reforming those broken bonds and sealing that cuticle, you can book in for a stand alone Intensive Innoluxe Treatment or add it onto your next cut and blow dry!

Can’t wait to see you all soon, in all your shiny hair glory!

Love Violet xx