Salon Life After Lockdown!

How will it differ to what I’m used to? What should and shouldn’t I do? Will I still get the services I’m used to?

Salons everywhere are very excited to welcome our wonderful clients back into our chairs, ready to work our hair magic! We’ve been working extra hard to ensure the salon is a comfortable, Covid-19 safe space for your visit. Some of the changes you may see include :

  • Attend your appointment alone. – By doing this we lessen the risk of transmission and allows for easier social distancing.
  • Arrive on time. – Being too early for your appointment will mean you’ll have to wait outside while the salon is cleaned between customers. Being too late will mean there may not be enough time to complete your service.
  • Bring as little as possible with you. – You will need to keep all belongings with you for the duration of your appointment, so it is best to travel light!
  • Wear a face covering for the duration of your appointment. – At Violet Says, there are no exceptions to this rule. Your stylist will be wearing a mask, visor and disposable apron for your safety, you will need to wear a mask for theirs!
  • Using alcohol gel on entry. – As most of us are used to by now, you must clean your hands on entering the salon. There will be hand gel available for you.
  • Being with one stylist for the entire service. – By doing this, we limit the chances of cross contamination between stylist and clients. This is certainly the case at Violet Says, for the foreseeable future, all appointments will be completed, start to finish by Violet herself.
  • You must rearrange your appointment if you or someone in your household has had symptoms within the last 14 days.
  • Card Payments – To minimise contact, card payments are preferred. The card machine will be sanitised between customers.
  • Cleaning between customers. – Time has been added in between customers in order to clean everything that the previous customer has come into contact with.
  • Will I still get my cuppa? – Unfortunately, Violet Says has made the decision to suspend refreshments during your appointment for the time being to avoid cross contamination. You are welcome to bring your own bottle of water to sip while your stylist is not working on you, eg. while your colour is developing.
  • I always get my hair coloured by you, why do I need another allergy test? – On Reopening, ALL customers, new and existing, will need to have a new allergy test and consultation. This is a nationwide requirement , requested by all hairdressing insurance providers and colour manufactures guidelines. All this in addition to some studies showing that some people that have had Covid-19 have developed new allergies to hair colours that they previously used without issue means it is definitely better to be safe than sorry!
  • Why has the price increased? – Another unfortunate necessity has been that most salons have had to increase pricing. This is largely due to all of the extra PPE that has been purchased, the new equipment to ensure the salon is a Covid safe environment, the additional time needed between customers in order to fully sanitise the area, additional time now that assistants aren’t helping with shampooing and blow drying etc. All the extra measures do unfortunately come at a cost. We appreciate the understanding of all our loyal customers.

We’re all hoping that these necessary measures won’t be around for long and thank you for all your support, patience and understanding as we work towards a more normal life, safely together!

Cannot wait to see you all soon!

Love, Violet xx

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